We show you how to navigate the website and explain what each section does for you.


In this section you will find the settings for calling your tracking number. You can view where it is currently forwarding or you can click ACTIONS to change it.

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This section is for, you guessed it, the form to call portion of the software. If you have a form on your website that asks a user to enter their phone number, you can sync that form to our software. Whenever someone enters their phone number into a form and clicks submit, our software will dial the number you enter within seconds and dial out, from your phone, to the online user (the one submitting the form on your website).

If you want this setup, you will need a programmer or you can hire us to do it on your behalf. To edit the settings for this function, you will need to click the FORM TO CALL menu item. From here, either create a new campaign or, if you have an existing one, click ACTIONS >> EDIT to change your options.

In this section you will also find your Campaign ID (CID) in order to sync your number with your website.

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Nice and simple, this area allows you to listen to your voicemails.

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#4 – HELP

Whenever you get stumped or need help, this section brings you to the website you’re reading this on. Submit any questions, troubleshooting issues or request features on this website.


You may change your password or logout in this area of the menu.